人人好,迎接来到由Web3基金会和万向区块链实验室配合举行的Web 3.0训练营!

Hello, and welcome to the Wanxiang Bootcamp with Web3 Foundation!

这里要稀奇谢谢我们的互助同伴万向区块链,延续两年与我们互助举行这一流动。去年,Web 3.0训练营一期取得了伟大的乐成,信托今年的Web 3.0训练营二期也将成就特殊。全球共有53支优异团队报名本次训练营,与去年的报名数目相比翻了一番,预示着波卡生态正在飞速发展。

A special thank you to our partner Wanxiang Blockchain for the support and partnership for a second year running. Web 3.0 Bootcamp was a great success last year. And this year it can turn into a great success too. We received 53 high quality applicants global wise, which doubles the number of the applicants from last year, which is a strong indicator of the rapid growing Polkadot ecosystem.

我们很自满地看到,今天在场的团队经由3轮面试最终入选本次训练营。Web 3.0训练营的遴选流程是异常严酷的,今天的开幕仪式为各入营团队提供了一个,分享履历、相互学习的好时机。本次训练营将为人人提供高品质的训练和孵化支持,在接下来的4个月中,我信托各入营团队将收获颇丰。

We're proud of the teams who've made it to the finals through three rounds of interviews. The bootcamp selection process is very strict. And it's a great opportunity for the participating teams to gather together, and share their experience, and learn from each other. This bootcamp is offering very high quality training and incubation. Teams I'm sure will benefit a lot from this four-month progression.

已往一年里,我专一事情,确保波卡愿景能够顺遂杀青。希望最突出的毫无疑问是平行链系统。通过这一系统,团队将可以运行各自的平行链。同时,我们在转接桥方面也取得了伟大的希望。转接桥可以辅助链与外部的Substrate链、比特币及以太坊区块链举行相同。Frame方面我们也取得了大量的希望,现在Frame里已经新增了许多适用的功效。稀奇值得一提是Frame API 2.0,我以为它将为手艺还不是很成熟的团队提供许多辅助,也会让新链的搭建变得加倍简朴,由于它就像是一个傻瓜版的Rust。

So since in the last 12 months, I've been busy beavering away, working on making sure that the Polkadot vision is delivered. The specific things that we've achieved a lot of progress on obviously is the parachains system Accumulus, the means by which teams going to be able to run their parachains. But just as important, I also made a real big progress on the bridges, which is going to facilitate, you know, chains talking to external substrate chains, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum. So we've also made huge amounts of progress in Frame. There's an awful lot of extra really useful functionality in Frame now. In particular, the version two of the Frame API, which really I think it will be of great help to people whose skills are not so mature, and it will allow those who want to make, build new chains a much easier time, because it's so much more like idiomatic Rust.




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Not wanting to forget, we've also made you know substantial progress on XCMP and XCM the messaging format. There's a lot of extra work that has been done, that wasn't sort of initially foreseen. But there was very important, things like Queuing, things like making sure that there's a chat mechani *** for opening channels between chains, so that we've got economic safety. And there's, yeah, I mean, a lot of additional tooling and test frameworks that you wouldn't maybe otherwise be aware of. There are there in order to make sure everything is robust and reliable.


When it does actually launch, in terms of timeline, we have, I think probably most of you have seen, but yeah, if not, we've been working a lot on the Rococo test net. The Rococo parachains test net over the last few weeks, and we've launched test auctions on Rococo. We've launched test parachains on Rococo with increased number of validators up to the level of Kusama 900 validators. So we're getting increasingly confident that this is ready for production.


And in fact, we've now released only a couple of days ago, a version 0.9 of the Polkadot client which will bring in parachain support for those who are interested in 1.0 when we've got the final, full speed XCMP support. So 0.9 series, we'll be here for a little while, and it's the series that parachains will launch with. So that logic is in we're now pushing validators on Kusama to upgrade and in turn validators on Polkadot obviously. Since we're launching parachains on Kusama first, and we're not waiting for the audit for that. So, validators will be on a shorter time scale to actually get the nodes of data to 0.9. And I would expect once validators have updated probably in about a week to give them all ample time to get 0.9 rolled out, we will issue a runtime upgrade, do our last checks, and put our first parachain on Kusama live. 

这第一条平行链将命名为 “Shell”,我们编写了新的运行环境。这只是一个暂且的过渡环境,之后我们会将Shell平行链升级为真正活跃的平行链,Shell之后会被更新为正常的好用的平行链。接下来几周可能还会泛起另一条正常的好用的平行链,另外,不久之后拍卖也将最先。我们至少会提前一周通知人人,让人人排除Kusama上的质押,也让Kusama上的团队有时间决议要不要举行整体借贷或是接纳其他做法。

This will be a what's called a "Shell" parachain, this is a new runtime that we coded up. That basically is just staging ground, so that we can then upgrade the Shell parachain into a real, sort of live parachain. In this case, Shell will be upgraded to the statement, common, good parachain. There may be another common, good parachain in the weeks following. But beyond that auctions will, I think begin, very shortly afterwards. We'll give at least one week's notice, so that people on Kusama have chance to unstake, and so that teams on Kusama have chance to make it clear that they are doing a crowd loan or whatever else

平行链已是呼之欲出,谢谢人人耐心守候,胜利就在前方。也谢谢人人加入Web 3.0训练营,希望人人都能在这里获得所需的支持和激励,为波卡的生长做出更多孝顺,下次再见!

So yeah, we are very much on the Eve of getting parachains out there. So thanks for your patience, but I hope we won't have too much longer to wait. Thanks a lot guys for taking part in bootcamp. I hope you're getting the support and encouragement. That you need to really build some great stuff for Polkadot until next time.

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